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CTP Commercial Twinkly Pro

Vibrant, flexible and dynamic, TWINKLY is the very latest lighting technology to be introduced to the festive lighting and architectural lighting market.

24 V lighting systems using the very latest bright LEDs, our CTP displays bring any space to life!

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OS Lighting Range

Our OS lighting range consists of Light Strings, Powerlites, Icicle Lights, Clusterline, Light Ceilings, Light Curtains and Net Lighting.
The entire range is manufactured to our own specification using the highest quality LEDs and Grade A rubber cable.
Each lamp has a fluted lense to dissipate the light source to give maximum effect.
The base of each lens is injected with silicone to prevent water ingress.

Light Strings from Christmas Plus

Light Strings

LED Light Strings are available in 24 V or 240 V options. Each 10 m string has 100 bright LED lamps. Colours available are white, red, green, blue, warm white, multicolour and white twinkle. Cable colour black.

Powerlight from Christmas Plus


For that extra sparkle why not try our 24 V commercial grade outdoor Powerlite.
Supplied in 10 m lengths with 20 ultra-brite 0.48 watt lamps (9.6 watts total per string).
Creates a stunning effect in trees, bushes, light ceilings or canopies.

Icicle lights

Icicle lights

Icicle Lights consist of 216 LEDs on a 6 m rubber cable. Each 6 m length is manufactured with 3 different drop lengths, the longest being 1 m. 240 V supply.

Clusterline lights


Each 6 m length Clusterline has 300 bright LEDs on white rubber cable. Colours available: white, warm white, multicolour and copper. Available in 240 V and 24 V (transformer required).
Clusterline are suitable for a variety of applications such as outdoor buildings, cross street decorations and column wraps.

Light Ceilings and Curtains

Ceilings and curtains of light are a very effective means of enhancing an area not just for Christmas but all year round. These can be further enhanced by adding Pulstars and Snowfall Strips.

Artificial Trees, Spheres and Victorian Lanterns

We supply high quality 5 ft. artificial trees which are specially manufactured for outdoor use.
Artificial trees give a sophisticated traditional feel to emphasise an area when installed above shops and buildings.
Why not add one of our 10 m OS Light Strings to complete the look? Alternatively, illuminate your area with spheres or Victorian lanterns.
Our specially designed heavy duty brackets are suitable for supporting artificial trees, event flags and have a handy hook to facilitate hanging baskets or spheres.

Illuminated Victorian lantern from Christmas Plus

Pulstars and Snowfall Strips

Pulstars from Christmas Plus


are an extremely bright pulsating star with the light chasing from the centre to the outer edges. They are available in 240 V with BC/B22 fitting or 12 V options. Available in 0.5 m diameter or in a set of 3 x 0.2 m diameter.

Snowfall Strips

Snowfall Strips emit double sided animated light with a soft falling effect. These are available in 240 V with BC/B22 fittings with a 1 m, 0.5 m and 0.3 m drop. The 12 V version is connected by a harness and is available in 0.5 m and 0.3 m drops.

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